Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Stash

It has many guises does my stash.  It lives by the yard in the sewing room, by the ball in the wool cupboard and by the cupboard/fridge/freezer full in my kitchen.

But it is decreasing - well, maybe not all the time!  The freezer is particularly full in this post Christmas period but overall it has been better controlled over the last few months.  Since Mr Tesco increased the minimum delivery from £25 to £40 I have been keeping an even closer eye on the food stores in general.

While sorting things before Christmas I found a pack of extra lean minced pork so today that went into the slow cooker with an onion, various sad looking apples and an onion and together they made rather a nice casserole.  A couple of sweet potatoes, some unhappy carrots and a bunch of spring onions with a sell-by date of a couple of days ago made soup.  My fridge looks almost respectable now.

And I am tackling the wool stash.  A couple of days ago my poncho looked like this.

Now it looks like this.  To the casual eye not a lot of difference.  


  1. My stash lives by the moundful all over my home... oh, wait that's just clutter. Clutter is my nemesis and I cannot ever seem to get the upper hand. Which is odd, considering I hardly ever buy anything. Grr!

    Great work on the poncho and the veggie clean up! It sounds like a very yummy dinner.

  2. Tidying is a never ending event, isn't it? I need to do something about my fabric stash and I am working on some ideas for that. The sewing room is my main source of clutter and since I don't really have a "sewing room" -- rather it is my extra bedroom -- I have to keep things in some sort of order but I have to say that the closet is almost difficult to shut because of all the uh, junk in there!

  3. I love a stash you decide to make something and hey you have a choice of colours.

  4. Mid-winter seems like a good time to work on woolly projects. I'm currently trying to use up some of my chunky wool to make space for recent fabric purchases. Your crochet's looking great. Jx

  5. Your crochet us coming on a treat - my craft stuff is everywhere. Tidily packed in boxes - but far too many of them.

    I have no idea why my emails don't reach you? I can only presume I'm filtered out as Spam

  6. My stash is all over the place, I really need to get some control over it and store it in one place. The food in my freezer had gone right down over the Christmas period and beyond so we did a good shop yesterday and stocked it back up with essentials which will keep us going a good while again. I like to get it nearly empty so that things which get pushed to the back have a chance to get used up.

  7. I love it. What a useful object to make from odd bits. It will keep you cosy during the rest of the winter.