Monday, 4 January 2016

Rising to the challenge

Frugally Challenged - that's me!  And now I have a whole new year (including an extra day as it's leap year) to rise to that  challenge.

My lap blanket
I've made a good start.  Apart from the usual standing orders I had only paid out my Sunday offertory.  I set out this morning expecting to spend as I needed potatoes but when I got to the wayside stall I didn't have the right change for the honesty box.  No worries I thought, I'll ask my cousin for change when I visit.  My lovely cousin did better than that - he'd been given a sack of potatoes so he gave me about ten pounds of lovely spuds!  

The start of a poncho
I've got my crochet hook out and I'm making a poncho to wear around the house when the weather gets colder.  It has been amazingly warm so far but it can't last.  I made a lap blanket back in September so I'm making a poncho to match.


  1. A poncho is so easy to slip on so it will be very useful. You seem to be well under way - yes, probably snow next!

    We had an unexpected expense today - we have the cats litter tray in the conservatory but - after all this time - one aimed wrongly and it went up the wall! (My husband saw it happen, but couldn't stop Henry mid flow) it then ran along the floor and involved a lot of cleaning up and sprays of anti bac.

    It might never happen again, but my husband rushed to Pets at Home to buy one with a lid. (Neither of them want to go in it now - even though we have another tray in a small plastic dog kennel in the garden so they are used to being enclosed) They are pretending to have claustrophobia.

  2. Oh my goodness, cats with phobias! I've never been owned by a cat and Henry is making me realise why!

    1. Due to his previous ill treatment Henry has a lot of phobias - raised voices, lifting your arm if you are holding something, sudden movements... It's OK, I'm well trained

    2. Cats do seem to be skilled in training their humans. I'm definitely a dog person.

  3. I wish I could crochet. Its on my learn to do list.