Thursday, 21 January 2016

Hi there!

It's a while since I posted but I'm back - hope that's OK with you!

I came across a lovely quote this morning.  "Frugality is not just about knowing the cost of everything. It’s about knowing its value too."  It occurs to me that that is the sort of frugality I want.  I want to value the things I have, rather than remember what it cost.  I need to think that one through
21st January

I've been plodding on at the poncho (but I've also knitted a couple of hats to give away and I've knitted a cowl with wool that I was given) so here's the current state of play.

4th January
6th January
I've put a couple of markers to show it earlier in the month - a girl needs a bit of self encouragement!


  1. The poncho's coming on a treat, you'll be glad of it in this cold weather.

    1. It's great. I have to admit that although it's not finished I've put it on a couple of times. The great thing about sitting in a poncho is that my arms are free to do whatever.

  2. You are making good progress and it is lovely -- the colors are so bright and cheery! Can't wait to see the finished product. And the skirt. I need some inspiration to start sewing for myself again!

    1. There will be pictures! These two blogs are my encouragement to myself.

  3. Love your quote, and your crochet.

  4. The poncho is coming along a treat - well done!

    The less possessions we have - even clothing - I think the more we treasure them. When our son was tiny, a lifetime ago, I only owned a brown jumper with a collar and a zip at the front. A pair of brown trousers and a turquoise crimpolene dress! ( it sounds ghastly I know, obviously I had underwear and a coat but I can't recall the state of them.) - the dress I ultimately turned into dungarees for our son.

    Someone gave me some wool and I knitted a long sleeveless tunic. Then I bought some blue and white cheesecloth fabric and made a skirt. I was so happy with those few items - far more content than with the loads of clothing I have now.

    Incidentally, I found a photo of me in the heavy brown jumper teamed with the blue and white cheesecloth skirt. I was wearing a small cotton scarf over my hair and looked like a member of the local Plymouth Brethren - what a sight.

  5. A wise quote. The value of something is so much more than its cost.