Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sad sorting

I used to have a lovely cocker spaniel called Fido.  I had never met a dog called Fido and I found that a lot of other people hadn't either until they met my little dog.

Sadly I had to have him euthanised a while ago.  I sent most of his stuff like his baskets and bowls to the local dog rescue but I had never got around to sorting the rest of his bits and pieces.  Anyway I've done it now and much of this lot will also be going to dog rescue.

4 packs wormer

3 grooming tools
1 extending lead
1 tugging toy
1 de-odouriser
2 blankets
1 string plastic sausages
1 squeaky bone
2 packs dog food
1 bag poo bags
2 packs wormer
1 pack joint care sticks
1 muzzle
2 hide “bones”
2 hide chews
1 detangling spray
1 pack ear drops
3 packs flea treatment

If/When I get a another dog we'll start afresh with toys etc.  In the meantime some other dog and its human may as well have the use.


  1. We took everything to an animal shelter charity shop when we lost our little Jack Russell Harry after almost 17 years. I love the idea that I helping another animal with the donation and the money it makes. I too want another dog one day!!

  2. That's sad but at least there is the blessing of knowing that Fido's things are going to a very worthy cause - where I'm sure funds are low. In this economic climate many poor animals are being parted with - or just discarded.