Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sometimes I quite like Amazon

Actually, my life would be a lot more difficult if it were not for Amazon but it's not really my favourite company.

A couple of weeks ago I received a parcel of stuff I hadn't ordered.  The address label was correct for me but I hadn't ordered the stuff and when I checked my account I hadn't been charged for it either.  So, grumbling under my breath at the necessity of wasting my time contacting the company, I started an on-line chat.  I won't go into details but the result was that I was asked just to keep the things or donate them to charity.  I think the total value of the things would have been about £30.

Two items went to the charity shop but with a big "Whoo Hoo" I kept the third.  It was a pack of Sugru.  Sugru is mouldable silicone which sets just by being exposed to the air.  I'd heard about it and wanted to try it and now I could do so at no cost.  The pack I got would have cost £12.99.

It is fantastic!  I mended the handle of the bowl of my Magimix.  I was making do with a bowl with a broken handle as a new bowl would have cost £42.12.  I had a lovely play with the sugru (it's just like playdoh!) and I've saved myself £42.12,  This is the handle with the repair - you may have to look extra hard to see it.  It has been through the dishwasher several times since it was repaired.

Quick update.  I've just had to contact Amazon about something marked as delivered but not actually received by me (the reverse of the above situation) and they have refunded my money and given me an extra month Prime membership in compensation.  The non delivered goods were worth £8 and an extra month prime is worth over £6 and I get my stuff anyway.  Thanks Amazon!


  1. I use Amazon quite a bit, I have found them to be very fast in dealing with any problems. It saves me so much time trekking from one place to another.

    1. Yes, they are very handy. I live ten miles from any shops and then it's just a small market town.

  2. I have used Amazon and they even have a scheme to link up to my church so that a portion of my payment goes to the church but I think I need to look at it a little closer. It is getting harder and harder to find things in the stores and I am doing a lot of online shopping -- just going to amazon would be much easier. Glad you have had such good experiences with them.

  3. I use Amazon when they offer free postage or combined postage etc What a wonderful freebie. Never heard of Sugru

  4. It's brilliant! Just like playdoh but rather more useful.

  5. I've wanted to try that too but haven't been able to justify the price. How awesome that you were able to try it by a google accident for free! Hooray!