Friday, 12 August 2016

Comping update

Earlier this year I decided to have a go at doing on-line competitions.   You may remember that I won some fridge storage boxes but there have been other wins.

So far this year I have won, those fridge storage boxes, a one hour life coaching session (interesting experience), tickets to a West End show, tickets to a country show, a pair of "designer" trainers, two books, and my latest win, a selection of Milton hygiene products.

Now entering a competition for Milton products might seem strange for a childless woman in her sixties but the first prize was a whole-house spring-clean.   Anyone who knows my housekeeping habits would think that to be a good idea and the cousin whose daughter is expecting her baby will receive the products I don't need,  Can't be bad.

Further update  The postie has just been!  The Milton stuff has arrived but so has a parcel of books from a competition I didn't know I'd won!!!!  Postie enjoyed my glee.


  1. Congratulations. Enjoy your books.

  2. Wow! You're doing exceptionally well with the winning. Wow!

  3. I wish we had these sorts of things over here! I could stand to win something!

  4. Well done! It's a funny coincidence as I was just thinking about entering some contests today - a colleague at the office is always winning things! Perhaps your blog is the final push I need to start doing this!

    1. Go, Margie, go! It's a no-cost hobby with the possibility of prfit rather thn an income stream but it can be fun