Thursday, 25 August 2016


That's what it was called in the days of my youth.  Pop.  I can't remember when I last heard a youngster call cola/lemonade/fizz "pop" but that's what it is.  (Note for Americans lemonade means lemon fizzy here.  We also have old-fashioned lemonade which is more like yours.)

I'm a bit of an addict.  Actually I'm a lot of an addict.  I drink far too much of it.  Until a few years ago I was a tap-water-left-in-the-fridge-for-a-few-hours kind of gal but somehow the can of coke or lemonade has taken over my life.  Just as some people get into the habit of buying coffee out almost every day I'm in the habit of three or four cans of Coca Cola or Schweppes lemonade and cola is one of the few things where I am fussy about brands. 

Last night I had a Tesco order and was horrified to realise that of the £66 I spent £39 was for pop!  In my own defence I haven't bought any fizzy for two months but even then it is crazy.  I've now checked the fridge and the store cupboard and I have 140 cans having taken advantage of special offers.  

This lot has to last until the new year.  128 days.  The most shaming thing about this is that I can even think of it as a challenge.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so funny. I know, let's do the challenge together : you make your pop last, I don't spend money. I wonder which one is the easiest.... I drink pop only when my digestion needs speeding up (an inordinate amount when I'm at hôtels for example ..) But I must say that if someone buys a bottle, I am tempted ! It is so addictive ! x

  2. We call it pop in Minnesota-apparently rare and strange from the rest of the country. My kids western WI friends even thought it was odd-just a state over. My youngest learned that lemonade was not American lemonade, but more like lemon lime pop such as sprite or 7-Up. She is not a pop drinker so was pretty disappointed.

    1. I can imagine - I would be disappointed if I were expecting old-fashioned lemonade and got pop!

    2. We found old fashioned in Came market complete with lemons. She thinks when (if) I move there I should do a Minnesota cafe.