Thursday, 23 June 2016

Tubes, scissors, tubs and designer labels

My tube of hand-cream ran out today.  I have a skin problem and I use a lot of hand-cream but today I couldn't squeeze anything from the tube.

So out came the scissors and I cut the tube to shreds to get at the last bit of hand cream.

Using my fingers (so that  they got creamed whilst I did the job) I scooped out all this cream from the "empty" tube.

And put it in this tub which was originally filled with a very expensive face cream sent to me for testing.  It looked like a very useful pot (as Winnie the Pooh would say) so I removed the label and kept it, because I don't like displaying labels and I do like my plain white toiletry dispensers.

And designer labels?  Well you won't find many labels of any kind in my house.  When I was a child showing labels on anything especially clothes, was not acceptable.  Mother refused to pay for a carrier bag displaying an advert for Tesco, Asda or wherever.  She did have some favourite brands (I always had Clark's shoes!) but the idea of her handbag or blouse showing the maker's name would have been anathema to her.

My plain white dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel feel more stylish to me than any brand label, no matter how trendy.  It would never have occurred to Mother that she was teaching me frugality but she did.

So I've got at least a week's worth of hand-cream, just because I take an alternative view of stylish.  Whoopee!   


  1. I was brought up the same -- showing labels was just bragging and being tacky. I don't buy clothing or anything now that boldly shows a logo. And we definitely didn't ever ask what something cost or where it was obtained! Now, young people have their shopping choices splashed all over their bodies and I really don't like it. At any rate, isn't it dreadful how much product we pay for and can't actually get to in those tubes. I have been using a product called First Aid Beauty (FAB) for some skin issues. Not a prescription. I get it at a place here called Beauty Brands. Apparently it is available at Sephora as well as Selfridges if that is convenient to you. Online as well. It has done a good job of taking care of my sensitive skin and I really like it. It is also available in a tub so you don't have to cut the tubes open to get at the product that you paid for! I like the all white as well, looks classy!

  2. Great post. Some bottles and jars are designed so badly you find yourself destroying them to get the goods out!

  3. Been doing this for years Mary,it works for all sorts of tubes although the metal toothpaste ones are more tricky. I just cover the cut end with cling film, don't have any spare jars!!

  4. I do the same as things run out - it is annoying how much gets left in the bottom. Nice idea to put in the tub and Mandy's hint is a good idea!