Sunday, 19 June 2016

I don't believe it!

Just occasionally my inner Meldrew gets out.

Well not really.  I don't think I'm ever that miserable but "I don't believe it" does occasionally pass my lips.  Today I am definitely NOT miserable.

Having written about payouts for market research surveys this week I was amazed that after the cheque for £50 mentioned in my last post I then received £45 in Tesco gift cards from another company.  I was short of ready cash this month but last night's trip to Tesco was free!

Research companies pay out in various ways.  The commonest, especially for small amounts, is either Amazon or PayPal and I'm happy with either.   It's just those with a higher payment threshold who use cheque or BACs payments.

I've never had anything like this level of payment in one week before and doubt if I will again, but somehow the endless questions haven't looked quite so inane these last few days


  1. Getting something for nothing is always that bit sweeter. I know you've had to put the work in but 'Well done you'.

  2. Thanks! It felt like free food but in reality I had definitely earned it!