Friday, 24 June 2016

Expensive but essential

It's nearly two years now since I bought my car.  The old one had become just too old.   Fuel economy and expensive repairs forced me into the decision to dip into my savings and buy a new-to-me car.

My old one had seen me through caring for my disabled Mother and the final years of ministry in my parish.  It had had a lot of hammer and owed me nothing.  However, my lifestyle is now vastly different and I want this car to last as long as possible.  It was quite expensive for an eight year old car but it had less than 7,000 miles on the clock and it had the necessary ramp so I can get my trundle truck in so I bought it.

 I need to take care of it mechanically and aesthetically so it is always regularly serviced and Jack often runs a sponge over it to keep it looking good.   I insure it for 10,000 miles per year.  I allow myself a "mileage budget" of 800 miles each month and any miles I don't use are added to the "float" of 400 miles which is very handy when I want to go on holiday.  I bought my car 1st July 2014 so my year runs July to June and this year I expect that I will have 1000 miles in hand before I zero my budget on 1st July 2016.

Motoring is expensive and there is no getting away from that.  However, for me it is essential.  The nearest bus stop is over half a mile away but I can barely walk a hundred yards and that's on a good day.  Errands however are clustered so that mileage is kept down.  With care I can still afford a car.  Other things get cut back but I'm hanging on to my wheels!


  1. We are hanging in there with the car too and limiting miles as much as possible. We like to get off the beaten track.

  2. My car is leaking like a sieve not good with the rain we've had! But its got to last me until march next year when the mot & tax run out. The we will go down to one car unless an absolute bargain comes up!

  3. Congratulations on your new car. I have over the years put away money in a special savings account and intend to buy myself a brand new car when I retire as it will then "see me out". Another savings account holds sufficient for my "dreamed of my whole lifetime" trip to the UK which will become a reality when I retire in 3 years time. These two savings accounts are a wonderful encouragement on difficult days!

  4. cars are expensive but how can you do without? Here, nothing is really within walking distance and not all areas have bus service so it is really a necessity. Just take good care of it and it should serve you well. As my grandfather always said "just make sure you change the oil regularly".