Friday, 14 August 2015

Immorality in the kitchen

Gradually, slowly, bit by bit, I am decluttering the kitchen.  It's not easy because I have to enlist the help of friends to reach some places but I am getting the feeling that I am winning.

However, there is one cupboard, a corner cupboard, which still has to be tackled and the next willing friend to come around is going to be very unlucky.  In that cupboard is a hotbed of iniquity and immorality.  It is the cupboard where I store my storage tubs. 

I save all sorts of recyclables to reuse as freezer and fridge containers.  I wash them carefully and put them away but tubs breed.  What’s more, because they are creatures of no restraint, the resultant offspring are totally unpredictable and lids and tubs are produced which bear little relationship to each other.

Whilst my views on many things are liberal I find this sort of activity in my kitchen cupboards totally unacceptable and I have therefore decided to come the heavy and impose restraints.  No longer are unmarried tubs and lids allowed into the cupboard.  They have to be stored complete or not at all.


  1. I have this problem too - do all the lids run off together in search of some sort of plastic utopia?

  2. That made me giggle! I, too, decided when we began the moving process to do the same with my jam jars and lids. Too many living under the broom handle in a corner cupboard where they thought nobody was looking. Be righteous and upstanding with them and don't give in to young love!

  3. Hahaha. I sorted out my storage tubs a few weeks ago. I think mine had been using contraception though, as there weren't too many!

  4. Where do the lids go to? I gave pots but no lids. I know I saved them carefully together and then as soon as I need one it's gone walkabout

  5. yes, I threw most of mine away and the ones I kept still can't behave!