Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mess number 2

I tackled the second drawer yesterday.  It wasn't as bad as the first one.  That is not saying much as I couldn't have stuffed another postcard into the first one!

Anyway, the second drawer.  This is how it started.

And this is how it finished.  It doesn't look a lot different!   I've located batteries from various places around the house and emptied them into the boxes in this drawer.  I have got far too many batteries!  Treasures I'd forgotten I had include a tin of dice, a roll of cash bags, a battery charger, a pager/alarm and a first aid kit.

Because this drawer was less of a challenge I also dealt with the Christmas cards, again making gift tags and card pieces of a useful size.  and I've updated my Christmas card database ready for next year.

So that's two ex-messy places created and a potential mess for next Christmas averted.  This can't last!


  1. Scarily organised...well done! Jx

  2. Wow! I am very impressed, so organised! I have a drawer in the kitchen you have to rattle to get it open :-( day it WILL be tidy xx

  3. I sorted through a drawer of scrapbooking supplies and half of the contents went into the thruft store box. AND I actually finished 2 more pages ( I don't do fancy pages). We must keep this up!

  4. Batteries are something that always seem to be in short supply in my house perhaps they are travelling from here? Lol
    Good idea about cutting up the cards. Might make that my afternoon job
    X x

  5. We'll done another tick on the jobs completed chart. It's quite liberating getting things done.

  6. Oh dear, I took a pic of my messy place and worked on it off and on all day and it is still messy! I found it very difficult to focus on one little area long enough to get it cleaned up! That is pathetic! I must do better!

    1. I think I chose areas where I was mentally ready to get rid of stuff, The harder part will come later,