Monday, 5 January 2015

A very special find

I tackled another drawer today and sometime over the next few
days the Salvation Army will be pleased that I did.  I had a special find which has delighted me.

It was a very messy drawer, stuffed to the brim with new or barely started sewing projects, bits of fabric, instruction sheets, skeins of thread and all the other stuff that an over-enthusiastic needlewoman collects.  

Some went straight to the bin but  some went into a black bag for the Sally Ann.  The result was a beautifully tidy drawer.

And I found my bear, known as Small Edward.  I'd tucked him in there for safety when I moved and couldn't remember where he was.  A very special find indeed.

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  1. He looks very like my teddy - 60 years young this year

  2. I'm sure small Edward will pleased to see the light of day again! Jx

    1. He is. He is now sitting on a chair in the sitting room. By the way, both Small and Edward are capitalised. I also had a Big Teddy but it was felt that calling this one Little Teddy would be very undignified so he was Small Edward. He has always been very conscious of his dignity.

  3. Arhhhh.....he looks well loved. I'm sure he is please to see you too.

  4. What a cute bear! Reminds of of Bean's Blue Ted who was previously her father's bear of childhood. You are putting me to shame with the tidying up. *Hanging head in shame*