Thursday, 1 January 2015

A start is made

I knew that if I'm to make headway on my new year plan of tidying a messy place each week day I had to start today.  So I decided to do just one small drawer.  It took me two hours.

This how it looked before I started.  I receive quite a lot of thank you cards, an embarrassing quantity of birthday cards, and I also have sympathy cards which I kept after my sister's death.  The drawer appeared to be full of them.

So I took out the cards and had a good look at them.  Some got chopped to form A6 cards which I use a lot in my work.  Some had sections punched out to make gift cards.  Some just went into the bin after one last read.  But some I want to keep.

As I moved the stuff in the drawer I found dressmaker's pattern paper, tooth picks, threads and various other goodies.


The best things were some fabric bowls which a friend had made for me and which to my great shame I had never used.  So the newly made gift tags are now in one bowl and the drawer is tidy(er).

The trouble is that on a photograph it looks no better than when I started.

A girl could get very discouraged!


  1. You made a start and that's the important thing. If it's any consolation I spent the entire afternoon going through a box of papers and I'm still not done. I tell myself I'll just keep at it until I'm finished! ( There are several more boxes).

  2. I think starting with projects on 1st Jan has a significance - keep it up!

  3. Keep the positivity going. Did you make the fabric bowls? They look lovely, great fir jewellery and such like.

  4. You were brave to take a photo but honestly, Mary, it didn't looked that hopeless to begin with! I am tackling a messy place this morning so, since you took a photo I will as well and we can see if there is any improvement. I am sure there will be but the question is -- will it stay tidied up? Hmmm.....