Monday, 2 April 2018

Lazy day - Day 14

I am feeling rather lazy today but I was determined to do a little bit of decluttering.  I managed to find fourteen books to go to the Oxfam bookshop.
No, I'm not sending my watch!

Oxfam book shops  are very well organised and I can gift aid stuff very easily just by giving them my Oxfam Gift Aid Registration Number.  Every few months they send me a letter telling me how much my stuff has been sold for and how much income tax they have been able to recover.

I prefer to give my clothes to the Sally Ann as they will give items to those who are in desperate need.  Also their shop is a bit of a social centre for people who have few places to go.  I feel that Oxfam asks a lot for clothes and thus excludes those who are in need.  

So I've now done Day 14 and Day 30 according to my "interesting" rules.


  1. Interesting selection of books you have there! I generally sell my outgoing books to a used book shop or donate to the local library. I need to do some decluttering on my bookshelves as well since there is a slim to none chance I am ever going to quit buying books (although my Kindle has been getting a good workout lately) I need to have room.

  2. cool collection of books. they're all very focused on handiwork. c:

  3. Good titles they will go well. Usually its all romance novels. I have boycotted Oxfam for now as I want to see they have sorted out their safeguarding issues!