Sunday, 1 April 2018

Starting at the end

One of my first targets was the wool drawer.  I receive from various people odds and ends of wool ready for knitting for charity but  it had got a bit out of hand!  I heard about a group of ladies who also knit blankets for aid charities so I decided to pass on some of my goodies.  

Here's the first part.  Some balls were quite small but I had finished sorting everything I weighed them all.  Just over 1.8 kilos.  That would be 36 fifty gram balls so I'm going to call this thirty items.  Day 30 using my own crazy rules.  I got this lot ready yesterday to deliver via church today.

Not a bad start.  And there's still plenty left for me to knit.

1 comment:

  1. They will make good use of those! I am doing well second pair of high heels sent to charity shop, one more pair in the bin, three pairs nearly worn through to destruction and just one good pair in store.