Friday, 6 October 2017

Went the month well?

Yes, I know, it's six days into the new month but I still want to review September.

By 25th September I had spent 

Coffee              £10.44
Apples              £1.80
Potatoes            £1
Dried apricots   £5.50
Bread               £1.10
Ham                £2.80

leaving me £7.36 in the budget.  I spent a further £4.80 on fruit and veg so I ended the month with £2.56 so I was within budget.

Food waste was definitely minimal last month.  There was a little - apples. lemons, and a bread crust.  I regret the lemons  which should have been cut into wedges and frozen in ice cubes.  The bread crust too should have been made into crumbs and frozen.  However, the apples - c'est la vie!  I was given quite a lot of fruit which was lightly damaged and although I cooked and froze quite a bit there's no point in freezing too much.  Damaged fruit won't keep without cooking and preserving.

My freezer is a bit emptier but I still want to eat down a little more before I start preparing for Christmas.

So, this month.

I had a Tesco delivery on Wednesday but spent only £20.21 on groceries, the rest (to use vouchers etc) was booze for Christmas presents

My budget (including the Tesco stuff) is £100.  Yesterday I went to our local market and to Wilko and spent £11.30.  I have a fridge full of very usable goodies and £69.48 in the kitty.  No problem.

In other news, postie has just delivered the clothes I ordered with my £500 comping win!!!!  Who's a lucky girl?


  1. You are a lucky girl. The budget is going very well.

  2. You are very good at budgeting! And the clothes are exciting!

  3. You are holding to your budget very well. Congratulations.

    God bless.