Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Happy little comper

As far as comping is concerned I am definitely on a roll.

This year I've won

A dinosaur toy

Various books

Some Nickelodeon Blaze toys

Salad spinner, salad dressing shaker, salad servers and vegetable slicer

A DVD copy of ‘Delicious’

A pack of paint and other equipment for upcycling

£50 voucher decorating materials

A picnic hamper

A short break

An Amazon "Echo"

And this morning I found out that I have won a £500 fashion voucher.


  1. That is really amazing, but I realise you must spend a lot of hours working on the competitions. Your patience has certainly paid off though. All prizes were worthwhile having and although I know this makes me sound very shallow, I'd be super excited about the fashion voucher. Hope you can spend it in bits and pieces though as I'm not sure many of us could spend it in one go. Years ago I always used to say I'd just be happy winning enough money to never have to worry about paying for the dentist and optician - what's changed! (Well, I do now pay into a savings account for those bills)

    Well done!

  2. I admire your persistence, really pleased it has paid off. Mx

  3. That is good to win something. It is a great feeling! Congrats

  4. Wow, some great prizes there, and a £500 fashion voucher too, you'll be the best dressed woman in town.

  5. How do you do it!! Well done especially the fashion voucher. I wonder what you will buy.

  6. Wow! Are you very good at this! I wish we had something similar here but alas, we dont so I will have to relish in your success! You should post a photo of the dinosaur!