Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Today's Christmas decoration is something that I make a lot of - but I make them to give to other people.  Christmas stockings.  I love collecting all sorts of bits and pieces and making a stocking for various friends.  I have to admit though that what I don't like doing is wrapping everything.  However, people seem to like the stockings without worrying too much about the contents. 

I've decided that I will show you each figure as it appears in my advent calendar and maybe show you the whole stable occasionally.   Yesterday it was a donkey, today a cow.  Tomorrow - who knows?
Placid cow
Recumbent donkey


  1. I love sewing with Christmas fabrics, I have a pile of stockings, bags, cushions and so on. Enough for most of next years gifts probably.

  2. I like the shape of that stocking.

  3. I love your little animals! I like the stocking too -- great size and shape -- sometimes they are just too narrow. Of course, I don't do stockings anymore but this one would have been really good.

  4. Love the stocking and the cute little figures. My friend is taking me to a fabric shop on the 11 th cant wait.

  5. Love all three!!! That cow is precious, okay, so is the donkey. Awe!