Friday, 4 December 2015

Oooh! Lovely!

Sometimes December can feel like a time when if I stop pedalling the world will stop turning!  That was especially true in my younger days but even now I'm not sure what will happen if I get off that bike.

Flowers from Amy
And sometimes one gets a joyful reminder that other people are pedaling, others are also thinking and planning.  Such a reminder happened today so today's Christmas decoration is a gift from someone else.

A dear friend who lives a long way away sent these gorgeous flowers with the label, "An early Christmas present to enjoy before the Christmas rush."  She knows that having a bunch of flowers in my house is almost an essential for me and that these will give me great joy until the tree and all the other stuff decorate the house..

Today I shall arrange my lovely flowers and remember this wonderful friend


  1. What lovely fresh colours - although it is the kindness and thought behind the gift which is most important I'm sure.

  2. Such lovely flowers, I love gerberas. Flowers around the house really brighten my days, they really do make me smile and lift my mood.

  3. They are lovely, what a wonderful friend you have.