Sunday, 2 July 2017

How is it going?

In the middle of last month I said that the last nineteen days of June were going to be much better than the first eleven.  I bemoaned my lack of energy, the bleugh feeling, and I said I wanted life to be a little more purposeful.  So how has it been?

Not bad, is the short answer.

I've been swimming three times.  Swimming isn't easy for me but I have been going with a friend and we have kept up each other's morale.  I don't think I'll ever get back the standard I had (that would be unrealistic as the years go by) but I am now almost enjoying the sessions.

I've put the garden back into order.  I had to admit defeat on doing a lot of it myself.  Bending at the knees and maintaining my balance is very difficult so whatever I did meant bending from the waist.  I can easily bend from the waist but if I stay bent I then feel very dizzy when I stand up!  Anyway, I managed to find some help and although my garden isn't as wonderful as in previous years, it is now a pleasant place to be.  Photos will appear on my other blog over the next few weeks.

I've made a very good start on sorting the conservatory/utility room/back porch.  Until very recently this was a pleasant place to sit but since my kitchen repairs it just hadn't recovered and even getting laundry into the machine was a challenge.  It will soon be a useful room again.

I've organised a family picnic (report here) which I enjoyed.  I seem to do an awful lot of visiting of the sick and housebound and it was good to get out with some of my extended family.


  1. Swimming is a fantastic all round exercise. I'm glad you've managed to tame the garden because they are lovely places to relax.

    1. Swimming again tomorrow! The garden isn't bad but I shall be very glad to see Jack back! I visited him last week and he will be VERY glad when he's well enough to come!

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying swimming again. I like long walks. You are making slow progress in getting more organized. I started a balcony garden this year. Not a great one. But it is a beginning. I am sure, you are going to get more things done in the coming weeks. Keep going!

  3. A pretty balcony looks so great to passers by. Enjoy it!