Saturday, 24 March 2018

Only thirty nine days late!

Remember 13th February?  No?  It was thirty nine days ago, if that's any help.  Day before Valentine's Day.

On 13th February I was not feeling well so I didn't have the traditional meal for that day.  PANCAKES!  13th February was Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day.  And I just couldn't be bothered to make pancakes.

But pancakes must be one of the ultimate frugal foods and quite apart from that, they are one of my favourite foods.  So today was the day. 

Tradition now fulfilled even though thirty nine days late.  Honour is satisfied.


  1. Bean has to have pancakes every time she sleeps over. With chocolate chips

  2. Glad you enjoyed your pancake.

  3. I make weightwatchers pancakes almost every day. Love them.

  4. Pancakes are favourite food at any meal, any time, when my grandchildren stay me. I like them with lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar, but the children love chocolate spread in theirs. They do try other toppings as well - but no matter what the toppings are, I make an awful lot of batter!

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