Sunday, 11 June 2017

19 days

The last month I have been so lethargic!  I came home from a holiday and sort of flopped and didn't get my act together.  Not good.

Today on my way home from church my mood just lifted.

First I saw Pete who has been helping with my garden and I asked him to a few hours work for me.  That felt like the lifting of a huge burden.  

When I got home I decided it was a good day for a bacon buttie.  A real treat and a real mood lifter.

Then I looked back at previous Junes and back in 2014 I had exactly the same mood lift on 12th June.  I started a project file called "I have nineteen days to make a difference; 19 days in which to move my life a bit nearer to how I want it to be".  so, as from tomorrow, June is going to be a purposeful month.

There, I've committed myself!

Today is Sunday and I just want to cook a nice lunch, do a bit of sewing and a lot of thinking.  


  1. I wish you luck and joy, I do try to be positive and mostly it just happens naturally. There are times though when outside influences are a bit too grim to be ignored. Those are the days I either fill my life with colour or have a good turnout and deep clean a room.

    1. You've hit it on the head, Pam. I haven't been unhappy, just lethargic and natural happenings need a bit of a shove if I want the sloth to depart. Which I do.

  2. Feeling it a bit here too. I thought it was just the weather.

  3. When the outside is cloudy and moody, I feel that too. Doing a bit of exercise usually makes me feel better.
    Added your blog to my list on my blog.