Thursday, 28 April 2016


A couple of years ago I bought a Delivery Saver Pass for midweek deliveries from Tesco.  It seemed like a good idea as going to anything other than a convenience store involves a round trip of about twenty miles so £30 for a year’s deliveries was AOK.

A year later I got the same pass for £15 which I paid mostly in Clubcard vouchers but during the year the minimum delivery went up from £25 to £40 so I stopped using it so often.  It was great to have frozen food and heavy items delivered right into my kitchen but a delivery every two or three weeks was a better idea.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wouldn’t renew the delivery pass again.  Some delivery slots are just £1 and I am very flexible about when I can have deliveries so £30 didn’t seem quite so much like a bargain.  And then I sat back to see what would happen.

Sure enough I’ve been sent coupons for £9 off the next delivery and £6 for the following five.  Unfortunately each was for a minimum spend of £60!  I’ve decided to use the £9 one and hang onto the others in case I want another large shop before 5th June when they expire.

In the same post Mr Tesco sent another letter telling me that May will be the last Clubcard Boost event.  This is a blow as I have previously bought my spectacles effectively for half price.  I’m not sure how I will use my vouchers now.

Asda has a minimum delivery of £25 and I understand Iceland deliver free.  So Mr Tesco you are going to have to work a lot harder for my custom.  


  1. Companies repeatedly reward 'not being loyal'. I don't shop at Tesco unless I have a voucher and it is sporadic, so I regularly receive coupons, the same with Sainsburys and Morrisons. BT /Sky save the best offers for new customers and not existing ones. Now I play the at their own game. Loyalty doesn't pay!

  2. We don't have anything like this here. You are lucky. I would definitely have my groceries delivered.

  3. In emergencies I have ordered groceries online but always got some completely weird substitutions. Recently our local paper has covered stories where people ordering from a local Asda have been rung up and asked to pick the order up themselves as they didn't have enough drivers - cheeky!

    We now have a sainsburys at the top of our road but our 'end shop' (soon to be demolished for even more housing) would always bring things down if you rang them up.

  4. I manipulate my delivery charges = try to get £40 shop for groceries once a fortnight delivered for £1. Saves time (more for growing own veg) and cost of £3 petrol to drive there and back. win:win.