Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thirty on a Thursday

The wonderful Louise came yesterday so I've now got a bright clean, shining house.  Today I will set up the bed for Amy, and I'll just about be ready.

But thirty on a Thursday?  Well, getting ready for Amy has involved some decluttering and this morning I decided to try and make up the leaving-the-house box up to thirty.  These alliteration challenges work for me - so far.

Anyway, today's haul.

1 pack of pillow protectors
1 Purse
1 lightbulb (bought for a lamp which I no longer have)
1 tub body butter
2 craft CDs
2 DVDs
2  embroidery kits
and fifteen books

In addition to these I've found three PVC tablecloths for Brownies and a casserole and a stick blender for a friend along the road.

And there's still an AWFUL lot left


  1. There is something quite therapeutic about having a good sort out and clean up. You really are ploughing through with you giveaways. Treasure for someone else to enjoy.

  2. This brings back the preparations for my move last year, 3 car boot sales and countless box fulls to family, friends and charity shops. Trouble is I could almost repeat it now.

  3. I like your approach and intend to try it once I get well -- again!